New Fever Ray?

You folks better catch Fever Ray on this tour, top tier stuff. Astonishing vocal performance, perfect sense of timing and nuance, just incredible. Such a strong back catalogue now as barely a misstep across 3 records.

Absolutely fucking wild that they are playing to 600 people in their hometown though, whilst Håkan fucking Hällström can sell out multiple nights at the football stadium.


Looking forward to some US dates. Was glad to catch the Plunge tour, great show.

I’ve been listening to this new one multiple times a day since it came out


This version absolutely bangs live btw

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Tapping Fingers is the best track imo, so so good


Been stuck in my head for weeks, from the moment I wake up some days

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I watched that movie like a day before the record came out and just love the Tar vibes of the song. So good.

Been absolutely loving this album, especially the bit where they threaten to fucking stab Zacharias :joy: good stuff

I like Plunge best out of all of Karin’s stuff btw if rankings are happening. And I like all of the Fever Ray albums better than The Knife albums, which are also mostly a lot of fun. Some of the best music videos in the game as well, which I appreciate


I like it when she says fists

Dammit, had pre-ordered the vinyl from my local shop after release date (original run had sold out) and thought it was available end of March. Checked my emails as I hadn’t heard anything about shipping or available to pick up. Confirmation email says April 28! Arg I didn’t realize it was the next month. That’s too far! Thought about canceling and buying on Discogs but there’s just nothing in the US except one seller that thinks they’ll get $99 for it. Guess I’ll keep waiting.

Anyone also been enjoying the Memoria album, which clearly draws influence from The Knife and all that?

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you’ve done it again!

Fucking hate Spotify

I’ll listen to this i reckon

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Only just realised when I had friends over and was listening to YouTube how many videos she’s done for this album.

I love this one for even it out.


Think this is my favourite album of the year :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
So happy The Knife are back