New Fever Ray?

Couldn’t see a release date. I’m hoping for next week!!

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lads lads lads
really excited about this :smiley:


Hopefully she tours. Was brilliant last time I saw her. Lots of lampshades


Not crazy about that single


Me neither. Bit disappointed tbh. Crazy video, sure, but song did little for me.


Given the Fever Ray album another listen. Tempted to say it’s like Goldfrapp due to having a woman singing over stuff with electronics but even I can’t face that troll.

All I’ll say is the original album doesn’t seem much more weird/intriguing than this single. But the new one is just way more busy, really. Quite liked the new age meditation vibe of the original album. This is far more poppy in its hooks and I guess reminds me more of The Knife. I could imagine my mum liking the last album but this single is way too weird for her.

To clarify, this is the sort of thing my mum listened to in the 80s / early 90s

this may explain why the first Fever Ray album seems quite ‘straight’ ?

Grown on me somewhat. Still think the synth line/hook sounds a bit like a Silent Shout remix but otherwise I’m on board

Agree with @hanshotfirst, this is a banger

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Yep, not getting the backlash - I love it and want to hear the rest of the album immediately.

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don’t think you can call it a backlash coz people don’t like one song


Haha, fair enough. Guess I mean that I am bit surprised at the two or three people upthread who have said less than great things about this…

Blimey the new album is out tomorrow


This is very very good news.

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Available digitally at first, ‘Plunge’ will be pressed on vinyl and CD formats from February 23rd.


Was that meant to be directed at me?

No, the article - just pointing out that it’s fairly unusual to have a four month gap between digital and physical releases these days.

(Also, I want the vinyl natch…)

Oh right, sorry! I wonder if this was pushed forward to stop it being leaked…

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is that the artwork :confused:

Nailed it!

Just finishing this off for the first time, really enjoyed and it’s 1230am

I loved the first fever ray record and this is a lot more like the knife but the first couple of songs sound great. Will listen to more