New Fever Ray?


Just finishing this off for the first time, really enjoyed and it’s 1230am

I loved the first fever ray record and this is a lot more like the knife but the first couple of songs sound great. Will listen to more


It’s on her own Rabid Records label isn’t it so the economics makes sense - it’s almost like the digital release is a crowdfunder for the physical


Oh man Peder Mannerfelt is all over this album. Paula Temple too. Two of my favourite techno artists of the last couple of years. Hype rising…


basically just this innit:


Standard for Radiohead so I guess that’s cool. Presumably you’ll be able to pre-order the vinyl and get the digital immediately?

(Am I alone in thinking that Clash article is a bit weird for not having a direct link to where you’ll be able to buy the album?)


I like the artwork. What’s wrong with it?


Anybody know if you get the digital straight away when you order the record?


bit rubbish tbh


I needn’t have worried. This is ace.


Loving the album, and artwork!


Yeah, really into it. A live show that mixes this with the old stuff could be excellent (and she says she’s touring next year!).


sounds really good so far

really think karin might be one of my favourite vocalists, she’s so original. i just love her whole schtick.


Sounding exactly like what I wanted. Leaning on the poppier side of the industrial sound explored on Shaking the Habitual, which often got a bit obtuse. First impression is that To the Moon and Back was a bit of a red herring for the overall sound. Really working with some great producers here too.


It looks like you just get a download card with the vinyl (which obviously isn’t great if that’s still 4 months away).

Not 100% certain on that though.


Yeah, I wasn’t that taken by that one, but it’s definitely not representative of the rest of the album. But equally sounds much better as a song when heard in context of the rest of the album.


Gah. That’s a bit frustrating


I like this. Not sure it quite hits the heights of her solo debut, but that’s at straight up 10/10 masterpiece for me.


A lot more dance-y/knife-y innit


Definitely. And I have no problem with that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Didn’t realise a whole album was out. Had seen the video for the single which is good. Got me watching old Knife videos though, made me realise that A Tooth For An Eye is probably my favourite thing they’ve ever done, either together or separately.

Will listen tomorrow hopefully if I get the chance. Glad it’s more Knife-y