New Fever Ray?


Aye this is great innit. @bjork, take note of what ‘soon’ means.


Err that might be coming sooner than you think


Is it coming any time in August 2017?


sure, didn’t you hear August has been pushed back three months this year?


Ah, the My Vitriol defence.


Hopefully it will be out on Friday, then.


Think I this more than the last The Knife or Fever Ray albums tbh. Wouldn’t necessarily say there’s a lot in them, but they’re all fairly different and this is more my kind of thing. Really enjoying it :+1:


is it just me or does the production seem a bit lacking in depth or something ?

I’m liking it but there’s a dimension in the sound that seems to be missing compared with previous Knife/Fever Ray stuff,it’s really not sucking me in like earlier work


I like this but I’m not sure why


This is probably the most exactly one ght release for a while. It’s exactly what I expected and wanted


I think it’s probably my AOTY of the year.


coz it’s good maybe?


yes but WHY


I’m not sure if it’s because the songs are good or because the sounds are good or because her vocal style is good or because we’re used to all of those things delivered in this specific type of way and we’ve wanted more of it and that’s what we’ve got.


yeah see this is it, i’m trying to write about it but can barely get past making kinda vague but also true statements like that



Listening to this sucker loads, guys, fucking loads. It’s not her more adventurous outing, but it’s like what do you love about Karin’s output? Well here’s 40 mins of her doing exactly that sort of thing really well.


Currently my favourite track on the album.


forgot to post this in here, which is ironic given how much I pained over it:


2018 tour: