New Fever Ray?


Tweets gone now.

Reckon Manchester might be Albert hall?


Manchester Albert Hall, London Troxy.




Looks like they just corrected the year on the tweet:


Quite tempted to make an Easter trip out of it so, er, has anyone ever been to Lund?


that poster is AMAZING


Lund is great - big University town. Imagine Cambridge, but Swedish.

You should do it


This is incredible news. I really fucking hope I get tickets, I’ll be heartbroken if not. Been obsessed with The Knife/Fever Ray since I was a teenager but never seen Karin live in either guise before. Over the moon about this Albert Hall show.


Honestly, I don’t get this album at all. I think it’s pretty boring and the songs aren’t very well written. The songs that sound like they’re from Silent Shout sessions seem like a poor mans Silent Shout and the peppier songs lack punch or oddness to them to make them memorable. Instead what we get is Karin using voice modulation over some fairly redundant instruments and kind of by numbers production which lacks the subtlety, beauty, texture or downright insanity of her best work.

Didn’t like Shaking The Habitual and dont like this, it’s like shes forgotten what made her music work and is just going for the obvious part of the sound which she is known for whilst not picking up on any of the nuances, It’s not a bad album, just kind of ordinary, and with an album so clearly going for such a defined sound it’s kind of a problem.


Isn’t there meant to be an email about this?


I’m assuming it might come around 10am?


Ok, just so long as everyone is still waiting on it.


Maybe I am and maybe I’m not.

I am.


Wow, that sold out* fast!



Now on sale on Dice


Aye, got 2.


Got mine :+1:


Sorted. Cheers.


fuck, the tickets are so expensive :frowning:


Nice one. Manchester tickets sorted