New Fever Ray?


Got Manchester tickets :+1: still haven’t listened to the new album though


How much?


32 sniffs a go for the London date.


you on the poppers for the Fever Ray show aye? 32 STONKER


Was about the same last time in 2010 FWIW


Yep and in academy 2 in Manchester.

Think Albert Hall will be a much better fit


The Stockholm gig is actually a short walk from my house



Bought tickets for Manchester, trying to limit my gig going these days so it makes the exceptions all the more exciting!


yeah some great moments but i’m not 100% loving it :frowning:
Shaking the Habitual and the s/t are 2 of my favourite albums ever so i was probs setting my expectations too high


Fuck’s sake Dice, discrimination to those of us without smartphones. I’ve half a mind to revolt.


“Oh no the choice I made to fence myself off from markets mean I’m not allowed to use said market”


^ posted from his iPhone X




I absolutely love this album. Nice surprise



Read this this morning. S’good innit.


That’s quite a cover


Her latest album is clearly weaker than her debut. The lead single is great, though.


I’d probably be inclined to agree but I think they’re coming from such completely different places that comparing them feels pretty arbitrary.

The self titled is a genuine masterpiece for me Clive, one of the best records of this century.


This may well be true, but I still absolutely love the latest one.