New flavours/modifications for existing foods

How’s vegetarianism going?

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Think my ideas here peaked with the pizza post, so I should probably step away

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Really well thanks. No meat cravings at all.

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Irn Bru flavoured everything

Yorkie bars, but they have more segments


I had a tobacco old fashioned once and it’s the worst drink I’ve ever had

  • Cheese favoured ice cream
  • Ice cream flavoured cheese

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Kit Kat but its actually four Kit Kat Chunkies

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bacon vaporub

Ice cream flavour chewits

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Trio, but there’s four segments

Could probably come up with an idea to jazz up peanut butter if we really put our thinking caps on.

Good thing I used the qualifier “probably”

They are when they taste like an ashtray, yes.

Chewshits - prank sweets

Penis butter

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used to get some irn bru flavoured fudge at the christmas markets in Edinburgh, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever consumed


HOT DOGS, but it’s one long glacé cherry

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