New flavours/modifications for existing foods

Would absolutely destroy tbf
Not enough vinegar bases snacks IMO

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Crisps shaped like countries.


Chicken Kievs but instead of garlic butter it’s Angel Delight


An ever lasting gobstopper but it’s a big ball of meat, for @Epimer

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Have we come up with any different flavours for yoghurts?

They should do fancy spam, flog it in shoreditch

I’ve just realised the otter next to my name looks a bit like a poo

Spam Fritters. Nice.

…and then sell it

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The next big thing in that there trendy London, will be serving things in wellie boots

Also crow

Not here for the corvid eating chat itt

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ur a big ball of meat

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What about grits? Are grits dry?? Could we sell them next to the popcorn??

I wish I was as interesting as a big ball of meat, tbf

What’s the issue?

Instead of chips, boneless fingers

This was supposed to be a serious thread


Bunch of grapes only they are olives.

Bunch of bananas only they are corn dogs.

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Bananas that don’t bruise

Can we get some new animals to lay eggs?


Or, you know how you get ready boiled and peeled eggs with spinach in supermarket snack sections?
That, but it’s an ostrich egg