New Foo Fighters!

Hilarious video directed by nicest man in rock and/or roll David Grohl. They’ve not aged well roflmao!!!1

Hmmm. Neither as good nor as bad as you want it to be.



Quite looking forward to seeing them.

Not bad really.

Yeah but it’s just about leaning towards good. So doesn’t fit in the boring category

They’ve already got a song, what do they want a new one for?

look out dave! LOL

Much better than I was expecting

Haaaa. My nana said this to me when I bought my second album.

“But you’ve already got one”

To be fair if I’d used her logic I’d have saved myself thousands of pounds and probably wouldn’t be in crippling debt right now.

Sorry hipsters, but that is a really good song and video.

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SOMEONE’S been listening to J Mascis!!!

haha nah m8


it’s no White Limo

keeps alternating between an alright bit and some shit bits

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classic nirvana structure tbf