New football grounds you've been to / Pervo does the 92

Fantastic stuff :smiley:

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i got one of these as a pressie, reckon big scratchcard is behind it. is odd- oxford stadium bigger than old trafford, ‘+ 8 bonus teams’. i’m at 32, which is just inside the ‘serious respect’ category, phew!
Stunning Football Stadium Scratch-Off Map - gift for men – Football Stadium Maps

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I’m gonna ask for one of these for Christmas I think! It’s sending me that Boreham Wood are on there :smiley:

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If you’re a keen follower of this thread and are happy to offer a sofa to crash on in any of the following cities, please do let me know because my friends are not spread out very well geographically and I’m a massive scrounger x

Blackpool (no one lives near Blackpool on DiS do they?? but worth asking)

Seriously I know it’s a dick move to be this brazen but I dunno, worth a go I suppose?! :smiley: Obviously pints on me!

(thank you to the couple of DiSers who have very kindly offered to put me up, absolute gems x)

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useful if you get cold turkey after finishing advent calendar!

those ‘stunning’ and ‘gift for men’ descriptors :laughing:

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Does anyone on here use the Futbology app?

Yes! And also footballgroundmap (@petaflop). Happy to add/accept any friend requests - just DM if you wanna add my futbology account

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Not a 92 entry but probably going to go to Angels away at Hemel Hempstead. Annoyingly the easiest and quickest way to get there is to go to St Alban’s and get a bus. I don’t mind doing it on the way there, but what a faff on the way home - it’s a half hour wait :frowning: I’m trying to see if I can get a lift back to Kent off anyone.

Also talk that our Tuesday night in November game against Concord Rangers might be moved to Saturday… hopefully my brother is up for a road trip to Essex?

Also, Bristol Rovers v Crystal Palace U21s in the Papa John’s Trophy is now on the cards. I wanted to see a league game at the Mem but they’ve got very few Tuesday night home fixtures in the league and my work pals (and work pal’s boyfriend who is a Rovers supporter) are up for going, so why not?!

The Mem is such a daft little ground, it’s lots of fun. Highly recommend the Lazy Dog for a pre-match drink.

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Very excited - I’m very fond of them and have seen a handful of away games, so almost certainly will do a league game in future to get the full experience.

realised that my trip to Bournemouth on Saturday was slightly complicated by there being a train strike this weekend, which renders the train tickets I bought a bit pointless. I’m now getting a coach and got a refund on my train tickets, so not too bad but bit of a faff - will be my first new ground of the season though so that’s good.

now trying to figure out whether to get tickets for Man City away - the Saturday 12:30 kickoff time doesn’t leave a lot of time beforehand, and the trains seem to be infrequent and can’t be booked in advance til much closer cos Avanti are mugs. last match before Christmas though… :thinking:

@he_2 how was Winch?

It was good - such a friendly bunch. Ground is a bit on the basic side, but does the job.

We were a bit fortunate to come away with a point, decent crowd of very nearly 300 and a bunch of ladzzzz on a stag do getting royally bantered by a dozen or so 13 year olds.