New Forum Feedback

One week on since I told you all about it, what do you all think of our new forums? The main complaint I’m seeing still seems to be that everyone seems much nicer on the new format.

Fuck off Sean

love you really, thanks, nice forum you got here


Still wish we could see who started threads at a glance.

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Everything else is great though, thanks Sean! (I miss ummers and ohgood though)

aye and indeed

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I’m starting to instinctively eyeball the row of avatars now if i’m not sure whether it’s worth opening, or even doing the hover thing.

hahaha not opening that[/details]

We want everyone to be able to edit their posts except Balonz


yeah once you get used to it it’s grand


I like it. It’s less formal than the forums with all the pictures and polls and daftness. Replies can be a tad tricky to read but I can usually get the gist if there’s a protracted argument.

I also like the notifications feature, though it’s a bit addictive.

still feel a bit like i’m cheating on the old boards for now though


I’ve got over hearts replacing thises but I do miss the nesting. Find it much harder to track what’s going on. Still, would rather have DiS in this form than not have DiS, so good job Sean!


  • polls
  • notifications
  • avatars
  • ability to post images and youtubes


  • no nesting
  • can’t see thread starters easily

overall, I’m pleasantly surprised. gj seany.

Damn pictures, damn indentations, damn lack of in da club, damn not being able to hover over threads, damn no thread starters. Enjoying the pleasantries though, it’s like when the edgy new one on your favourite soap comes back in series two and they’re much more enjoyable. Not so down with the users who’ve used their old nicknames as their new usernames. Those guys can all consider themselves on the list, right after quizzers.

It’s good. People don’t like change but I’m liking it.

It’s obviously fucking miles better, but conversation works very differently. I think it overall encourages more people to participate, but maybe creates less dialogue between 2 posters.

Love it though. Nearly came in my pants when I posted a gif for the first time,

I think it’s all gone rather well.

So much better on mobile.

Squidpan thread needs pinning to the top of every board


It’s great

One thing that I think needs changing is how on mobile it shows the avatar of the last person to reply to the thread next to the thread title. I think it would make much more sense if that was the avatar of the thread starter instead.


Things I really like:

  • Jumping to the newest unread post in a thread when you reopen it
  • Notifications that someone’s replied to you

Things I’m not so keen on

  • if you click on the post to see all the replies in sequence, you then have to read them a second time later in the thread.

Otherwise I’m getting used to the no nesting.

It’s definitely encouraged me to post more.

Thanks Sean!

hide details feature sometimes doesn’t work. everything else is ideal and i’d think badly of anyone who didn’t like it

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