New Fucked Up

“The thirty minute b-side…”

takes deep breath

This reminds me that I need to get tickets for Mirrors Festival.

Hmm. Not sure, I didn’t rate their last record much either.

Does seem like a good idea. Just paranoid that we could get tickets for Mirrors to mostly see FU and then not get into the venue.

Yeah that’s slightly putting me off too as I’m not overly fussed about much else on the bill (I imagine bat for lashes is on at the same time)…

I might look at the other tour dates…

just go to the venue they’re playing (probably Moth club) early if you don’t care about what else in on. It’s likely gonna be the other bands who sound like them on the same stage anyway

also, quite liked this new track, like that they’re trying more ambient(?) stuff? ambient-punk?

Not sure why this isn’t a zodiac song, mind

has a few decent tracks but yeah, easily their weakest

Yeah fair enough. I probably can’t make any of the other dates anyway.

Remember when they did stuff like this


Yes, yes I do.

It’s good advice really. None of the other dates is quite close enough and who knows when they’ll be back in London?!

True and they certainly wouldn’t be playing hidden world in full…


Of course