New Future Islands

Not doing much for me, there’s a constant whining note which I’m finding quite grating. Loved Singles so I’m still holding out hope for the album, but colour me disappointed thus far.

Live on Jimmy Fallon next week if anyone is eagerly anticipating new funny dancing.

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It sounds like 4 or 5 80s songs put together, isn’t bad though.

I bin wai in on yoo oo oo

Is there a dance?


Of course! Letterman’s coming out of retirement for it.

Will listen at home. Cool for flagging.

I thought thenalbum before Singles was actually better. Look how fucking trendy I am.

I quite like this new song

I like future islands, I’m sure I’ll like this song


Present Islands


I like it, nothing too different from them, but then they’ve pretty much perfected their sound at this stage.
Looking forward to the LP.

His head looks sort of separate to the rest of him on that…

they literally have one song

Debbie Harry features on the new album! Might work.

This is pretty damn good.

Just bought tickets for the brighton gig. Can’t wait.

“By the sea…”

In Evening Air - Their Best album ?

The first single has really grown on me.

This is a bit flat though, still feels restrained, much like his bottom half:

‘I’m not sure how well this is going, better slap myself in the face’

Yep, still enjoying this track.

I think the front man is wasted with such a shit band.I want to like them, as I enjoy his passion/charisma/funny dancing/ voice but the music is so dull.