New Future Islands

mint band. don’t get the hate.


I quite like it. Verses are standard stuff - but lovely big open chorus.


Good band!

This is nice and has reminded me about Future Islands, who I like.


This song just came on in my release radar and it wasn’t until the outro that I realised it was a new one. I mean, I get that they have a pretty distinct sound, but this is ridiculous.

Yeah, that verse is just the verse from A Dream Of You And Me isn’t it? I love them but it does sound like they’re all out of ideas now.

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Album out on 9th October


The bassist released a pretty decent ambient album last week which I enjoyed.

I will love this band forever simply because they’re the last band my mum fell in love with before shield died, I bought tickets to seem them live with her which sadly never got used as she ended up getting incredibly Ill and eventually dying 2 weeks after the show :frowning:


Blimey…that sucks. So sorry to hear that

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Sorry thank us dunno why I said it tbh. Just lopped to mind!

This is shite

Stuff like that always does. It’s nice to have little memories like that. I play my little bros guitar (he passed when I was 18), and whenever Bon Iver sings “I’m standing in your street now. And I carry his guitar”, it always hits. I’ll always love Bon Iver 'cos of that.


The last gig that my mum and I went to was Arcade Fire at Wembley. I chose to play Sprawl II at the end of her funeral and I thought it might ruin it for me. Sometimes its tough to listen to but it makes me really happy still. Its nice you got go share Future Islands with your mum.


New song takes a few musical cues from I Don’t Want Love.

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