New Futureheads album and tour


Yes please, my nostalgic itch.


Was really sorry to see that article about Barry’s mental health problems, which at the time seemed to have pushed the band away. Glad to see them together again.

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This is a nice surprise to start the day. I forgot they even existed, shamefully.


Sean porting over threads from 2006 now?


GBOLs :+1:

Their acapella set at 2000 Trees in 2012 is one of my favourite ever festival sets…


They did that one Thursday at End of the Road and it was brilliant. Such a laugh. Just loads of people randomly shouting “eh-uh-oh!” throughout Hounds Of Love


Would love to see them again, but they’re not coming within a sniff of Scotland let alone as far up as me. Boo :frowning:


Was just listening to the debut two days ago. It’s almost perfect. Couldn’t get on with Rant, but The Chaos was really good fun so excited for new music from them. One of my few favourite bands I haven’t seen so really looking forward to the tour

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Both of my kids absolutely love to listen to Rant in the car (and join in natch) :+1:



I went to Newcastle University in the early 00s when they were just starting out, saw them loads, still think the debut album is completely brilliant.

Liked about half of the second album, diminishing returns after that, but always great fun live and a proper GBOL.

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Great news ! Barry Hyde solo album was fantastic so I’m curious where they’ll go now.

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Completely forgot about The Chaos until this afternoon when I discovered it in my Google Play uploaded library. Heartbeat Song is an absolute banger.


Just read up on this. Really rough time by the sounds of things. Glad to see him come out the other side and with support.

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Looks like they’ll be adding more dates as and when image

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This is amazing. I was not expecting it at all.

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Debut album is so underrated.


One of my favourite albums from that era of indie pop


Would be very easy to be snarky about a band from that era coming back in 2019, which tbf I would be about loads of their contemporaries. But they’re canny lads and that debut still holds up so well, I’m probably more interested in going to see them than any new band that’s sprung up in the last few years.

I’m ten years removed from those middle aged blokes that somehow sustain nostalgia britpop festivals but I’m just gonna embrace it tbh.


For me that and A Certain Trigger don’t get the respect they deserve from that era.


Pretty much exactly where I’m at. Can’t even pretend I’m as into new music as I was then, but this has made me rather excited.