New Game: Create a 50 reply thread where you are the only poster

The challenge?

Post a 50 reply thread, where you are the only one who posts in the thread.

Easy, no?

Well give it a go. When you’re successful, link it here and you will win the special prize.

Protip: Needy threads repel people.

Which makes this one a contender.

But people don’t like winners here

So it’s unlikely to be this one

People should be wise to the cunningness of their opponents to post threads in places like “Site Feedback” or “The Lounge”


But you never know, some people could be conflicted

I’m relying on @1101010 to disrupt any #lateniteplayers

Early predictions: japes is the only one who attempts this, and fails

dont think it can be done. dis told me off last time i did ten replies in a row, said i had to stfu which i thought was unnecessarily rude tbh

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Did it actually stop you from replying though?


Like… A delay, or it was like “Nu-uh, I am NOT letting you do this”?

it both told me to stfu and forced me to


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I feel like theo or someone did this a while back.

It may seem that way

I wouldn’t say it seems that way, it’s just a feeling I have.

Tonight’s gonna be a good night

that’s great!