New GBV: Space Gun

Alien Lanes is my No. 1, but there’s really just a hair between it and Bee Thousand.

Half Smiles needs to be waaay higher - the best of their polished albums by a good distance. Raincloud is the underrated GBV jam.

total agreement, Half Smiles is one of my favourites! One of the essential GBV recs IMO

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…thinking about it. It was probably the first GBV album I ever heard, around the time I was in second year at uni.

For those of you who wish GBV were a bit more NIN-y

er what?

i thought they were finally slowing down when they announced Space Gun as their only album of 2018 but…have they already recorded 2 follow ups but just decided to start releasing only one a year again?

i wonder how many years ahead of themselves they’ll end up


I think we should update the saying - after the nuclear apocalypse the only things remaining will be cockroaches, Keith Richards and a never ending stream of new GBV albums.


Bob you madman!

I can’t imagine ‘Street Party’ coming out in 2020, atleast in the form it is now. I can’t see Bob still wanting to release something he recorded two years previous. You read about older albums , that went through 5 versions , where Bob got bored of the songs waiting for the record company to release them, so he just recorded new ones. UTBUTS is the perfect example of this.

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Think I used some variation of that when I reviewed Cool Planet (then they made me look silly for a while by breaking up again soon after)

Playing Village Underground on Wednesday, 05 Jun.

Tickets on sale this Friday.



Have they not cancelld every planned UK gig since reunion #1

i hope to attend this concert

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Ahhhh yes. Buying a ticket first, planning everything else after


Ugh. Flying to Porto to (hopefully) see GBV at Porto-vera on the fifth.

Pinching myself about this. Euroheed is gonna be pretty special this year with this news!

the new song is pretty great, too!

Think it was one London gig and Primavera, but randomly still went ahead with Oslo

anyone trying to buy tickets?