New GBV: Space Gun



failing thus far :frowning:


Nothing available 10 seconds after 10am. Now if I were a cynical type…


yeah, was refreshing the page since 9am


Yeah i was there at 10 on the dot and they were all gone. Apparently Dice worked for some people but I didn’t download that until too late it seems …




I managed to get some on seetickets. It might be worth trying again as people on twitter said some became available again after it initially said there weren’t any.


You prick

I’ve only had the waiting list option since my first attempt failed


got mine from ticketweb in the end


Didn’t even realise they were selling them


the promoter tweeted me the link


Just as a heads up, I have inside information that they are adding a second date imminently - likely on June 4th, same venue.


thought they might - following night though innit, 6th





I read somewhere that after the last time they played in the UK (2003 at ULU?), Robert said he’d never play here again. Something about a shit gig or poor ticket sales. Thought that playing such a small venue after years away was a bit unusual but he’s probably being cautious. Fingers crossed for a wider tour.


Got both in the end…phew!


I meant to get 2 tickets to try and convince a friend to come but selected 1 in the panic, oh well


Why? Let others get the opportunity to see them once.


I went to that. I don’t recall it being poorly attended and they played for 2 1/2 hours (45 songs!) so they must have enjoyed themselves.

Got tickets for the 5th, obviously.


6th ticket crew represent.