New GBV: Space Gun



Unbeknown to me a friend ordered 3 when the new date became available. I had already got 3 for the original date. If it’s ok with you sunshine I’d like to go both nights as I’m old and will probably die before you and never see them again. Ok with you? Thanks in advance.


i wonder if they were a bit underappreciated in 2003


Far from it. GBV broke out from the underground in the mid-90s when they signed for Matador and recorded albums with people like Steve Albini and Ric Ocasek. By 2003 crowds were going berserk whenever they played.


Aye, fair point. It was around that time that I got into them. I just wonder if they were ‘sell out a venue in 0 seconds’ legends at that point, but were more viewed like ‘band who had their heyday but still tour’.


never thought I’d see GBV, woah


I was at that ULU gig too, slightly marred by being with my then bf just as we were about to split up. Fun! Great gig though and we definitely paid on the door.


having a celebratory listen to Universal Truths. v underrated imo.




I think I’m going to be very drunk and I might cry.

Also what songs are we all going to be shouting for? I think Expecting Brainchild and Dayton Ohio 19 Something and 5, outside of the big hits at least.


what’s a decent boozer round there?


The It’s 5 Months Away Arms has a pretty good selection of craft beers


decent boozers are rare occurances for me these days


Aye they’ve got 2 more albums coming out before these gigs even happen!




Imagine getting this setlist


i dig this track


Haha, that set is insane. Personally I quite like it when bands are just as keen to throw in new stuff and not rest on their laurels too much. Can imagine we’d get all the tracks here though, at least.


here’s a recent set


Yeaaah that’ll do nicely haha


A couple of good EP just came out in December too.