New GBV: Space Gun

Got tickets for the 6th. Pretty, pretty hyped except my plan for this summer was to go on a US bike trip incorporating a GBV date along the way somewhere. Now this happens.


Dice is now telling me there’s tickets available for the 5th.

haha what a band:


New album out this week Warp & Woof. Complication of the EPs but I think it was recorded as and always meant to be an album. I think it’s great. 24 songs in 37 mins. It the first album by the new line up that has that “classic”. off the cuff GBV feel. Which is a nice change to the more fullly formed solid strong structures of the recent albums. Which I liked as well, but this is nice change of pace.

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gah, i want them to do 100 songs in London


those 50 song sets are gonna feel like slacking off now!

incidentally i watched The Electrifying Conclusion for the first time at the weekend. had to watch it over 2 nights as it’s nearly 4 hours long. and that’s only 63 songs!

i listened to the first 2 EPs, thought they sounded decent in parts but didn’t grab me that much on first play (but i guess the shorter tracks often need a couple of plays to bed in), hoping it works better as an album. the people on that mad GBV facebook group are going mad for the ‘crossfades’ which suggests a Bee Thousand feel

huge fan of the classic lineup reunion records so hoping it captures the same sort of vibe as those

got a spare ticket for weds if anyone’s interested