New GBV: Sweating The Plague

New thread 'cos it’s streaming now

Seems to be getting incredible praise from everywhere… I’m not convinced with what I’ve heard thus far.

Actually it is pretty damn good. Bob hasn’t sounded this strong in his voice in a while. The producer doesn’t over treat it like you’d notice on Zeppelin Over China but there’s some good variety with low-fi ness on some tracks and gated reverb on the more 70s sounding ones.

All the proggy numbers are pretty wild. They’ve never really done guitar solos like this before. It’s quite fun and silly. The song about wrestling is amazing… probably the standout for me thus far.

I think the sequencing, overall, is a bit odd. Downer is an interesting tune but doesn’t suit being an opener on a record that is so righteous in parts. Didn’t think much of track 2… bit MoR. But from the third track (which is oddly spare) the material is pretty strong, with a very interesting second half.

Christ bob let me catch my breath

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Six albums in 3 years. Incredible.

i’ll probably wait for it to hit Spotify - think it’s due in another week or two?

we should probably just have a rolling GBV thread given this rate of output!

I figured it was hitting Spotify on 1st Nov.

"track by track is where musicians give deeper insite into the making of each song’

“Unfun Glitz”:
“Unfun Glitz” is pounding heavy rock from start to finish. Guitar solo at 2:07."

Wow insite doesn’t get much deeper than that!



yeah you’re right, it’s out now - i knew the physical version was out first and thought there was a bit more of a gap before the digital release

nearing the end of my first listen, the production sounds great but none of the songs have been leaping out at me so far tbh

Realised that Heavy Like the World has an almost identical riff to Wormhole

Fucking shite!

digging this little Barrett-y number