New Grandaddy


Just came to ask you how you’d got on. Glad you had a great time mate. Yes tempted by another gig too.


Seeing him in Galway tonight… what were the stage times for previous shows?


Malojian was on for about forty five minutes before Jason. Started around half-eight but no idea what Galway will be like.


Cheers… near the venue now. Really looking forward to this based on recommendations on this thread.

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Looks like there might be a spare ticket for Cardiff, mate’s been let down if anyone’s interested. Face value.


This is from the Cork gig, though it isn’t my video. I welled up at the combo of image and the song. Still thinking about that gig.


Really excited for Bush Hall on the back of these comments (was already tbf).


To quote the name of one of the first Grandaddy releases, prepare to bawl.


Out of curiosity, any reason why Just Like the Fambly Cat isn’t on Spotify?


What happened to the fambly cat?
What happened to the fambly cat?
What happened to the fambly cat?
What happened to the fambly cat?
What happened to the …
What happened to the fambly cat?
What happened to the fambly cat?
What happened
What happened to the fambly cat?
…fambly cat
…fambly cat …fambly cat
…fambly cat


Totally privileged to be at the Nottingham gig last night. So many hairs on the back of your neck moments and best of all Jason seemed to be in really good form. Just glad to be near the front as there was no stage and it felt like I was watching it in someones attic. That was a good thing by the way!


Brilliant, thanks for posting.
He was fantastic in Galway too. Have really enjoyed revisiting Grandaddy over the past couple of weeks.


Just seen him at the Brudenell and like everyone above has said it was awesome. Solo piano version of He’s simple, he’s dumb…shouldn’t be possible, but it is and it’s very, very special.


Glad you had a great time.
Really hope these shows have been recorded. Honestly think a live album of these would be incredible.


Funnily enough I was thinking the same thing on the way home. A release with some of those photos in would be great.


In case you haven’t heard it there’s an older live album recorded in a living room on bandcamp


Ah very nice.
Also quite like the Grandaddy live rehearsal album that came out last RSD.


I think i have a spare ticket for the Bush Hall gig (not sure if its sold out) that i’ll sell for £20 if anyone is keen


Anyone going along to Stereo in Glasga tonight?

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Aye here now. Yer man malojian was good