New Grimes

New single out Wednesday. Sick promo photo, hope it’s the cover art

album release TBC but coming this year

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Better be 100% diss tracks.



Excite Bike 64

oh hang on it’s a single not album. album will be called Book 1

album info

Shinigami is Japanese for “bumper falls off in heavy rain”.

Quick reminder that not only has she bred with a billionaire but she sold a bunch of rubbish climate-wrecking NFTs for $6million. It’s a no from me.

That’s the crypto eyes thing innit? Grim

Has anyone posted about this elsewhere and I missed it? Anyway, it’s pretty bad.

Seemed completely unremarkable on first listen, which is at least a considerable step up from Player of Games.

Not holding out much hope that this album will be a return to form at this point.

It feels like the more I read about Grimes, the more annoying I find her.


this (deeply pandering) interview features a very weird portion where she appears to have intended to keep the baby a secret but the plan doesn’t work because it makes a noise whilst… she’s being interviewed by Vanity Fair for a cover story

The phrase “secret 2nd baby” has been running round my head in H Bomber Guy’s voice, like the “secret good 4th episode” bit from his Sherlock video.

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grimes hacked hipster runnoff

Grimes Admits to Blackmail, Extortion, and Hacking in Vanity Fair Video Interview | by Jackie Singh | Mar, 2022 | Medium (

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That is a tough article to read through. Levels of cringe spiked beyond what I’m comfortable with.

Carles will have his revenge