New Grizzly Bear


Grizzly Bear have jumped in today’s exhausting new music pile-up with a new tune:


Already posted on Sean’s thread, but this is really good and I wasn’t all that hyped for new Grizzle Bizzle before.


Great to hear new material from them. Love the moody bass riff and Ed’s soaring vocals!


The song is great. Really looking forward to the album.


Touring in October

Oct 05 - Dublin, Vicar Street
Oct 06 - Manchester, Albert Hall
Oct 08 - Glasgow, ABC
Oct 09 - London, Brixton Academy


Another new track:


Love the militaristic drumming on this one!


This one’s a fucking corker. Love it.


This is just great. I love this band.


Properly shaping up to be AOTY material all this. Love how the tunes are dense and yet light and effortless.


I don’t know how I feel about these. the Ed tunes have a real feeling of malaise. ‘Mourning Sound’ seems especially weak. there is something about ‘Three Rings’, mind.

‘Four Cypresses’ is definitely the best, has a real something about it.

I’m really not fond of the production on these, though. something really flat and lifeless about the drums and guitars especially.


just listened to new tunes by The National and Arcade Fire respectively… this drum thing is endemic in indie rock, this dull, airtight thud? horrible.



this is bloody lovely. The drumming on the tracks so far has been :ok_hand:

I love how Grizzly Bear retain so much of their ‘traditional’ sound but reinvent it in small ways.


Yeah, this album is shaping up to be a real treat.

I can also totally see these songs all fitting together really well, they have previous form for sequencing albums brilliantly so this should be no different.


gonna wait for the album - not gonna spoil any tunes. I was/am obsessed with Shields.


Strange that they’re leading the album promo with so many Ed-led songs. 3.5 of the 4 released so far. I hope Daniel Rossen is well represented on the album as his songs are always my favourites.

Inspired by the Arcade Fire thread, here’s a top 10. The top 3 are nailed in place, but the other 7 change frequently.

  1. Sun in your Eyes
  2. Sleeping Ute
  3. Colorado
  4. Ready, Able
  5. Southern Point
  6. Little Brother (Electric)
  7. While you wait for the others
  8. On a Neck, On a Spit
  9. Lullabye
  10. He Hit Me


These guys are doing a Banquet Records show in Kingston before the proper tour. These are usually great, but tend to be late and in an awful nightclub. This one is on a Sunday evening at a civilised time at a non-hell-hole venue. And cheap! I’ve already got my Brixton ticket, but I’m well excited for this.


Wow this is so much cheaper than the Brixton show! That weekend is insanely stacked for me now, Justice on Friday, Phoenix on Saturday and this on Sunday.


Rough Trade show too: