New Grizzly Bear


Yeah, I considered this, but I’m going to be on a train back after the Manchester show (they haven’t played here for 5 years, so I’m getting my fill this time round!). Looks like it’s only a 45min set anyway.


Going to this. The London gig is silly money. How does it work? Bought the album + ticket thing… does that guarantee entry or is it first come first served?


now with video!


here’s mine:

  1. “Easier” Rossen 3:43
  2. “Lullabye” Droste/Rossen 5:14
  3. “Knife” Droste 5:14
  4. “Central and Remote” Droste 4:54
  5. “Little Brother” (lyrics by Fred Nicolaus) Rossen 6:24
  6. “Plans” Droste 4:16
  7. “Marla” (co-written by Marla Forbes) Droste 4:56
  8. “On a Neck, On a Spit” Rossen 5:46
  9. “Reprise” Rossen 3:19
  10. “Colorado” Droste 6:14


Aha brilliant! Think we should probably highlight that it’s NSFW though…

Dead excited for Friday’s release now! What have you made of the singles Severed?


Well it’s pretty clear from the preview but sure ha

I just finished reviewing the whole album, but thanks for asking. It’s very good! :wink:


:heart: :ok_hand:


Ha yeah very true! :grin:

Oh cool, is the review for DiS?


yup! Should be up in next couple days. Basically, it’s just as good as everything else they’ve done


That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear :ok_hand:


Setlist from tour opener in Maine.


I love the four singles more than any four singles released from a new album by any band in a long time.


chances are you’ll like the album then! :wink:


Stronger I’d suggest than the “singles” we’ve heard from two other big american bands also about to release new albums (The War On Drugs and The National). TWOD would pip The National for second place I reckon.


Wow this is gorgeous. First couple of listens very enjoyable indeed!

What a great band. So glad they’re back, and on this form. Yay.


Nice review, @Severed799, it does read like a 9 or a 10 though…

Looking forward to it…but equally I’m not expecting this to change my opinion on GB from being a band I like a lot to a band I love.


Four singles feels like a lot these days…seems like you only get 2/3 pre release now.


That’s funny - early days yet, but listening to the closer, I was literally just now thinking that this album might up their status in my personal estimation from “really good band” to “proper great band” territory. Then I read your comment.

It’s reeeeeally good. Great review as well :+1:


Then maybe I’ll be surprised. Ill try to keep an open mind


I gave it a 9 so must have been voted down :hugs: