New Grizzly Bear




What are “singles” though, really


Songs you can hear legally before it’s released?


They’re just “releases” really though innit, no one really does physical singles anymore


No they don’t, but I guess it’s still one of the most recognisable way to hype up an album


This is my favourite album by the band Grizzy Bear


Is the album streaming yet?


Tomorrow I guess


I’ve never like GB before but this album has some amazing songs on it.


Just got tickets for the Kingston show - can’t wait, haven’t seen them since they played the Roundhouse with Beach House a few years back.


I was at that gig too and likewise haven’t seen them since! Great sets from both bands that night I thought.


So whats the consensus on this?


It’s absolutely bloody lovely.


Rather good but, possibly, the four tracks released in advanced are the strongest.


Agreed, but they are amazing. If we’re looking at tracks released ahead of the album as the modern equivalent of singles, this probably makes sense anyway.


it’s excellent, cheers


Do you think maybe you’re just more familiar with them/have spent more time with them? Maybe the rest of the album will be as good for you?

I didn’t listen to the singles so they don’t really stand out above the others for me, is all.


It’s brilliant, and very much rewards repeat listens. I do wish Three Rings was the closer though.


i like Sky Took Hold a lot


Maybe, early days with the rest of it.