New Grizzly Bear


It’s amazing


This is well worth a listen, if only for C Bear’s isolated drums at the part where it “erupts”. Wish they could break down every track like this.


Probably in my top three this year, on repeated listens. Still a couple of biggies to come though…



  1. Soulwax
  2. King Gizzard…
  3. This

AS IT STANDS. I’ve heard Soulwax many more times.


I listend to Veckatimist, as my first experience of the band, the day before the new one came out. Having known of the band’s existence for years I haven’t a clue why I didn’t check them out before. Needless to say I’m loving everything about them so far and can’t wait to get stuck into the rest of their stuff :bear:


Still forming an opinion of the album (largely due to the second half), but I adore Mourning Sound. Probably my second fave song of theirs (first being Yet Again, naturally).


Def do yellow house


and Shields


Jeez both Yellow House and Shields are amazing! Half Gate off Shields is so fucking good


Sleeping Ute through to Yet Again - one of the great opening salvos


yeah, i’ve noticed that. like they’re recording the drums live, then processing the fuck out of them to make them sound digitized. very weird.


it just doesn’t sound good, does it. can’t see myself getting on with the record if it’s like that all the way through. I’ll give it a listen, but :confused:


My copy only arrived a couple of days ago (the packaging is beautiful) so I’ve only just started getting in to it.

It’s great isn’t it? Really properly great, right up there with the best albums of the year so far. I personally really rate the production, the odd half-synthesised sound really works when cranked on a decent pair of speakers. Can’t stop humming the riff to Mourning Sound.


the drums change a bit after the first couple of songs so that’s cool. i wonder if it’s something to do with mixing for modern listening habits, like phone/laptop speakers? there’s a lot of EDM tracks where the drums are mixed to sound hard as fuck so they’ll crack through a mix on lower quality speakers.


Not sold so far some decent songs with a little bit of wildness but not yet sold. Dont really notice the drums but it just generally sounds less organic and with less left turns and tangents. But then again ive only listened to it a couple of rimes and most Grizzly Bear records take repeated listens before you get it and pick up on there particularities and very real craft. I love the way all the band members are pretty active in the song making and have very different pulls.

I know Chris Taylor produced it and it clearly has his touches in the more jammy moments but its all a little too controlled and I would like to see his influence a little more strongly in the songs.


Yeah completely switched on this one. Its pretty brilliant


Selling two tickets to for the Manchester gig, can no longer go :frowning:

Would sell the pair for £45 if anyone’s interested (£10 below face value). Would also sell the tickets individually if that’s preferred.


Got a couple of tickets for the intimate warm up show at Kingston College next Sunday if anyone’s interested - can’t make it anymore. Selling face value which was about £12 per head and it’s sold out!


Kingston show tonight was lovely, only played for about an hour (10 songs ish) but new stuff sounded great and they nailed every harmony and it was surprisingly bassy loud. Nothing from Yellow House but drew pretty evenly from Shields and Painted Ruins. Expect it’ll be a bit more varied when they do a full set.


Can’t have been more than 250 or so tonight at Bexhill (no venue available in Brighton, apparently), pretty much 2/3 empty. Not sure we’ll see them back in the UK, real shame.