New Grizzly Bear


Yeah their Berlin show on Thursday has gone to a smaller venue than previously planned too. Very strange, the record is excellent


I think it might be a combination of them taking too much time off between albums and tickets being nearly £30, saying that the Glasgow gig was pretty much full and I imagine they’ll at least play a few UK/European festivals next summer.


This was my exact rationale. £30 was just a tad too much for me and I figured I’d see them next summer at a festival.


did anyone go to brixton? sad to hear they’re not filling some of the venues. i remember seeing them at the barbican and it selling out in like 20 minutes.

think they’d suit a tour of slightly more unusual venues and slightly lower ticket prices. even the de la warr ticket price put me off a bit, as well as having to schlep it to bexhill. don’t think they’d struggle to fill the brighton dome


Played the corn Exchange a dew years ago and even that wasn’t full, so I doubt they could fill the dome next door.


That’s a shame. Glasgow was pretty much full as Benny said. They managed to do two nights in Dublin as well.

They’ll be back (so long as they don’t split up… hope not!) but maybe it’ll be smaller venues which can only be a good thing for the punter. Not so much for the band but they’re credible and selling well, they’ll be alright.


Yes, I really meant headline dates. I expect you’re right re festivals and I suspect one of them will almost certainly be Primavera.


£30 seems about right to me in current climate?


I’m not saying it was too much in general, just too much for me.


Fair enough!


Brixton was pretty much full although not quite sold out, no obvious signs of diminished interest that I could see, especially for a Monday night. There were even a couple of brief attempts at crowd surfing, which Ed said was only the second time ever.


De La Warr is a strange venue at the best of times so I don’t read too much into crowd sizes there - always obviously full,of people travelling from Brighton, the day of the week therefore makes a massive difference p. Those who do make it, though are rewarded with an amazing venue and smaller crowds, coupled with the fact that crowds tend to be good as the extra effort required sorts the wheat from the chafe. Have seen some of my best ever gigs there (Yo LaTengo blowing the roof of the venue to about 150 people a very special memory).

Though Grizzly Bear were excellent - new stuff slotted in well, althouhnprobbaly enjoyed the songs with 2 guitarists the most.

Think Grizzly Bear will be fine - as already said they’ll be able to fill next summer with decent size festival slots and will soon therefor be perceived as big as ever.


had a proper trawl through the back catalogue last night while writing ahead of tonight’s show, forgot just how amazing this song is:

think it’s better than Two Weeks personally


they were awesome tonight (On a Neck in full!!!) but the only disappoint/surprise was no Neighbors?


Don’t think they’ve been playing it all tour. Shame cause it’s an album highlight imo. They played full version of On A Neck in Brixton too - amazing! And Knife complete with piano outro :heart_eyes:


yes got the knife piano outro too.

Yeah apparently Neighbors has only been played twice, both in the US. Maybe something wasn’t clicking with it but seems a real shame. Mind they’ve always been a band who don’t seem too bothered about writing a song they can’t perfectly replicate live


They played it on Lauren Laverne last week, so they’re clearly well rehearsed. Maybe just can’t find place in the set for it.


Mm yeah but a studio session is still a bit different from a live show? Dunno, just seemed odd not to play the lead single!


They played Neigbo(u)rs at Bexhill


nice! Judging by though that’s a rarity: