New guy; started today


Was introduced to him and told he would be looking after payroll. So, in accordance with shit workplace banter, the woman next to me said “ooh, they gave you that job? Well, good luck!”

He straightened up and replied “Yes! 'tis I who have drunk from that most poisoned of chalices!”

I don’t think we’ll get on.


sounds like a total legend


This has done me a bit





You shouldn’t be so quick to judge fine sir, for this may turn out to be a fine specimen of a gentleman merely familiarising himself with-

Haha nah, total dick


Methinks he will be a fan of Monty Python and Lord of the Rings! What doth thou say (eth)!


There aren’t enough old school nerds like this around anymore. I thought the Big Bang Theory was supposed to have given them all confidence


Congratulations on the new job @Epimer


i was going to go with S_A_D but this works well too <3


Seriously he could well be posting in my “Smooooooth Operator” thread in a bit about how he’s just started a new job and thought he’d crack a funny to get him off on the right track.



Was there an awkward silence afterwards or did everyone immediately go into a medieval roleplay of some kind?



There was a brief awkward titter and then he was moved on to meet someone else.

I hope I don’t have to speak to him again.



Quite like the cut of this lad’s jib to be honest. Anyone who works in HR who has even a semblance of personality/banter is a rare, rare thing.

Better than him being carted round and saying your usual banal shite like “I’m sure I’ll have forgotten ALL of your names by this afternoon!!!” etc.




And the more I think about his response, the more I like it.


That’s top chat that is.

“ooh another John, hope I don’t get you two mixed up!”