New GYBE! - Luciferan Towers

Great, though would it be an album of actually new stuff that hasn’t been part of live sets for a decade this time? I still really liked the last two albums, mind you…

I get less and less excited by each GYBE release, sadly… but I still have enough residual interest in them to hear what they’ve been up to.

I’m under the impression they’ve been performing new material recently (“New Song 2” seems to have a few videos on youtube), but not sure if it’s anything that made this album.

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i thought the last one was new stuff?

If this is real then YESSSSSSSSS!

Yeah, Godspeed (and a silver mt Zion) have always played most of a new album for ages before they release it, in the same way that Swans do. I guess so it’s nailed before they go into the studio.

Of the two new songs they’ve been playing one sounds amazing. Other pretty standard

This cover looks fake/lazy though

Can’t wait to pre-order this from Amazon.


As a fairly massive Godspeed fan, fucking well excited for this! The past two albums might not be up there as the best, but really like the production/mixing of them in comparison to the earlier stuff.

i haven’t listened to the old stuff a massive amount (cos most of what they do is far too long really isn’t it?) but Mladic is a fucking beast.

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nah, perfect length. It’s why all their followers are shit because they apparently can’t write beyond 12 minutes, so you get this constantly crescendoing every 5 minutes bullshit.

i went to see them just after the last album came out and the good bits were really good but the endless drones in between got on my nerves a bit


that I’ll give you. Last album was good, but mostly just felt like one of their tracks extended a bit too far.

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i remember enjoying the album itself (it’s a nice digestible length actually) but haven’t listened to it for a while

new tracks they’ve been performing:


Never understood people complaining about that with the last couple of records


I understand it with the first return as they’d been gone for a decade but not with the last one, aye

Railroads is mint, love the melody from 3 mins in

officially confirmed:

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