New hobbies


Are you considering any? Or taken any up lately?

I’m looking to get a screen printing kit and some paints, and also start making dresses (and by making dresses I mean finding nice fabric and drawing what I want to take to someone who will sew it). Looking for lovely fabrics and bits of lace and that is so fun, going to go to goldhawk road soon can’t wait

Also pls give info on any established hobbies love hearing about this sort of thing


Recently started playing a slightly different card game to the one(s) I already play. It’s been a pretty big deal for me.


What kind of things are you thinking of screen printing @jazzballet?

I have mentioned it before (probably too much), but I have taken up silversmithing, with the exception that I can’t really afford silver right now so I am working in cheaper metals like copper and brass for the time being.

Currently have two pendants in progress - one for my class assignment and another hopefully will be a birthday present for my aunt. The latter is a brass abstract shape, the former the mountain design below in copper - just finished filing/polishing the edges on it and now need to cut out the white area before soldering on a little hanging loop, more polishing, etc.

Also, because I am still dead impressed with it, here is my first soldering attempt - the joint is pretty difficult to see, other than for the metal bits being slightly different sizes :+1:

Got some Christmas decorations in coloured aluminium in the works too.

I fucking love this kind of detailed work. Focusing on tiny details, refining techniques to find how slight adjustments will make a world of difference. I wish I had more time to actually spend doing it.

Woensdagavond (eve)

Started having a go at decoupage, not much skill involved I’m just gluing bits of paper to things. If you bump this thread later in the week and I’ll post some pictures.


That looks so good! My friend is a jewellery maker and silverwork looks so lovely :star_struck: I’d like to do things like animals and plant inspired pictures, would probably not be very good but fun to try


i like dressmaking but cutting out the bits of fabric is such a pain in the arse. i think i’d pay someone to do that bit for me. and i’d love to do silversmithing but i already have so much craft stuff, i can’t take up anything new. i have bags and bags of fabric and wool


Just watching Desus and Mero videos on YouTube really and pretending to do DIY


started going hard on photography lately which has felt ace coz i lucked out with a teacher. and oddly into situps right now


I love that mountain design!!!


Getting in music arguments on here with @Severed799 @wonton and @Kallgeese

Going well so far.


As someone who’s studying film and is (as well as being perturbed at the realisation that he must type in the third-person for this bit of the sentence) delighted at how he’s taken to enjoying it and finding a lot to think about, it’d be nice to get myself a DSLR or something and get more acquainted with photography / actually shootin’ stuff.

Make better photos for my music stuff as well, having mainly done what I have already just on me phone (which now has an on-off knackered camera on it)


Shut up Theo :wink:


Side point: I remember years ago when friends of my aunt and uncle who lived in the States came over and were talking about how different things were over there (I guess this was probably late 80s) and mentioning the phrase ‘to luck out’ and how it was odd because it meant to be really lucky but the natural (British) assumption would be the opposite because of it sounding like ‘out of luck’.


You take that back!!!




I would love to be good enough at sewing to actually make clothes :heart_eyes:

Silversmithing is very gear-heavy, so would considerably add to your craft supplies!


Second D&D session this weekend. :dragon:


Keeping houseplants? Is that a hobby??? Well it is now.

We have a small jungle in our bedroom.

Also I know it’s already my established thing but I am really getting into super long endurance bike rides. Next step is a 300km one :open_mouth:




Meant to say before that your silversmithing talk gave me a great idea for a Christmas present so thanks and keep talking about it.