New indie bands that are good and interesting

I like this kind of music but there seems to be a lot of derivative or bland stuff knocking about and I dunno what the good stuff is anymore, also a lot of new bands have really boring names like ‘Whitney’ or ‘Algiers’ which puts me off from even checking them out.
tell me about a band you like and why you like them

not sure what you’re using as a definition of indie here but i really liked the Kiwi Jr album that came out a few weeks back, kinda slacker/garage-pop/indie stuff


me neither. just anything with guitars that isn’t like metal or whatever

Have you heard of the Kooks? Gonna be huge.

Ummm, stuff like Grimm Grimm and Tan Cologne have been doing it for me recently


define ‘new’

If newish, then recent stuff by Partner, Penelope Isles, Marika Hackman, Murder Capital, PUP, Du Blonde, FIDLAR, Dream Wife, Frog, The Beths, and Bodega are all worth a listen

i don’t really know how to define indie. i just call it not big rock music i guess

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Kiwi Jr are the best Pavement tribute band currently in existence.

This is not a criticism.


checking this out now, thankz.

pavement are my ATDs

Tropical Fuck Storm just released two classics, one in 2018 and one in 2019. Angry, squealing guitars and very imaginative lyrics. There’s a feeling of pure dread running through both.

Probably their most popular song from the debut:

A really catchy one from the latest album:


i like Say Sue Me even though they’re not that original, think her singing in a korean accent gives it a feeling of originality

yeah newish


Just listen to old indie again!

Listen to everything Yo La Tengo ever made.

Liked their debut

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Crack Cloud


can i use this thread to say that id previously written off kurt vile without ever listening to him, i am now very into bottle it in, had no idea he was so repetitive and meandering. he has his own thing going on… anyway hes not really new and s youre all aware of him so this is irrelevant


the Bonniesongs albums starts with nothing but acapella vocal loops, then goes into really minimal folk for a bit, then there’s a bit of a pop banger and then a big emotional epic near the end. it’s really good.


i did the same pretty much not too long ago. he’s v good. Smoke Ring for My Halo is less meandering but his best imo, i shouldn’t have written it off at the time


I enjoyed a band called String Machine’s album that I listened to after a Pitchfork review.

Kind of indie-folk with a post-rock vibe. This song is great:


Yeah I’ll definitely check some more of his stuff out, i like the slightly more conventional songs as well, though some of the charm comes from them feeling like they’re going to go on forever

Young Jesus are probably my favourite not metal guitar band of the last few years:

This and their s/t previous record are great.

Also Posse:

Both are interesting I’d say.


The internet went down here for a few hours, probably because I was in the middle of plugging Palm Haze again. Fast, melodic shoegaze full of fuzz blasts and surprise tempo changes.

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I’d check out Meat Wave’s 2017 album The Incessant too if you haven’t heard it yet. One of the best indie rock albums of the decade. Aggressive and loud and tense with no weak moments.

I love how off-kilter this one is and how it finally boils over at the end.