New indie bands that are good and interesting

Been listening to the new Kiwi Jr record this week, really enjoying it. Heavily in debt to The Modern Lovers and Pavement of course, nothing new, just really catchy tunes and some decent lyrics.

Slightly disappointed to find out they’re not from New Zealand though!

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I really enjoyed the Sports Team LP, so many catchy tracks (especially Fishing) and some of the lyrics are clever too. Guess I can see how they could grate some people but yeah, I like em

Feel like there’s been a lot of promising new indie artists emerging over the past year or two, these are a few of my favourites;

Awesome female vocalist, lots of funky off-key instrumentation

Do Nothing
Mostly indie, some of it post-punky. Can’t wait to hear a full album

Willie J Healey
His newest album was filled with nostalgic indie bangers

Generally think what’s been coming out recently in the UK has sounded a lot more fresh compared to the majority of the previous decade


Great thread. What I love about this place is recommendations like above that I can spend a whole lockdown afternoon digging into.
My shout goes to Pillow Queens. Their debut album is fantastic. I bought tickets for their gig in Langtons in Kilkenny for August (fingers crossed!).
Also would recommend Squid. Their debut is out on Rough Trade in May I think. EPs so far have been great. A mix of Krautrock, funk and heavier moments as well. Really hope their gig in Dublin goes ahead in September.


Pilotcan aren’t new but I don’t think anyone knows abut them. This album reminds me of mid 00’s Canadian music.

This track as a country / shoegaze tinge to it which somehow works.

There’s noisy indie track, pretty instrumental ones, this is a lost, could have been classic, album.

These guys have lovely production and wordy lyrics and v chilled out vibe. Sometimes make me think of the Jicks

Are New Pagans any good?
See they’ve been signed by Big Scary Monsters which is usually a very good sign.

I liked their first couple of singles, they were a bit more raw than Cahir’s previous bands, but subsequent releases have felt like they’re creeping back to polished Fighting With Wire territory which I’m less into. Haven’t heard all of them though.

They’re decent enough live though, they’ve got Claire from Girls Names on bass which always helps. I’ll check out the album when it’s out.

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Ah okay.
Had seen the name about a bit but I rarely get out so see local bands (obvs even less so now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)
Yeah must check the album out :+1:

Has anybody mentioned Squid yet? Squid are clearly the most interesting ‘indie’ band this country has produced in years, although I do think that tag does them a bit of a disservice. Same for Black Country, New Road I guess.

I’m tempted to say Palberta - who do sound a fair bit like Sleater-Kinney & The Breeders on their latest LP - but they’re probably more of a punk band.

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I’ve been rinsing the Another Sky album from last year. Big epic indie rock, reminds a bit of that Typhoon album from a few years back. She’s got an amazing voice too.


Squid are fucking great. Loved everything they’ve put out so far.


I’m encouraged by the statement Squid made saying they’ve gone very weird with this record. I guess this was always likely when it was announced they signed with Warp but the times I’ve seen them and they’ve had a weirder sound (supporting DUDS in 2018 and End Of The Road secret set) were much more interesting than some of the other times I’ve seen them.

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Yeah I was pleasantly surprised by how fucking weird their new single gets, especially as it starts off sounding like pretty much everything they’ve ever done. Would like this LP to be really out there.

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was listening to this earlier, really enjoyed it.

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These are all very stale male pale choices, but certainly fit the bracket as they all have barely any YouTube views.

David Lynch inspired Bristol two-piece that are part ATDI part Jane’s Addiction part Pumpkins:

Northern three-piece with a singing drummer who is in and out of prison, part Interpol part Los Campesinos:

Brighton three-piece that somehow bridge everything that is great about music and condense it into songs. This one is for fans of QOTSA, Radiohead and bluesy BRMC:

Veteran UK indie rock stalwart doing what he’s done for years. Sounds like Grammatics, Color of Fire and Bloc Party:

Jesus of the Moon

Found this band when they sent me a follow invite on Instagram and I randomly had a listen and I instantly loved it actually.

I guess it’s a little bit orchestrated indie/electro pop. Vocals reminded me a bit of the national but they’re more lively. Only 3 songs on spotify with very few listeners but worth checking out.

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