New internet panic just dropped

In keeping with previous poorly sourced / made up scares such as Momo, killer clowns and the blue whale game, we now have huggy wuggy.

It’s funny because momo also originated in NI after the police got scared of the photo and then just made up a story about children being told to hurt themselves by the thing.

Anyways. New panic just dropped


I always get scared by huggy wuggies tbf

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Children are imitaing huggy wuggy in the playground and you think it’s funny.


RIP slenderman u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this


My kid goes to a martial arts class (in Belfast incidentally) and one of the other kids had a Huggy Wuggy doll with them one week. There’s a kid in the class who seems to have some emotional issues and when he saw it, he went absolutely apeshit, screaming “DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE HUGGY WUGGY?! LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” I’d never heard of it before or since but yeah, it does seem like it’s a thing certain kids are watching.

To be fair I think my nerves would be jangling playing this

When i was on holiday last month with nieces and nephew.

My nephew was playing with another kid and my nephew couldn’t climb up the first bit to the slide himself, and everytime i went up to help him, the other kid kept going ‘the huggy wuggy’s coming!’

I am the huggy wuggy


Eeeeurgh. Thanks for the warning at least.

So the scandal is kids are watching horror videos? Is this a new development?

Similar to five nights at Freddie’s which is also nerve shredding