New Jane Weaver

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Just heard that on 6, really nice

She’s great, ‘Silver Globe/Amber Light’ are two of the best albums of the past few years.


She peaked with Rush Hour tbh tbf…

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Tarrant in the rush hour

Memory shudder :unamused:

So I finally actually picked up the album rather than just making weak jokes and it’s pretty special eh? Lovely woozy mix of psychedelia, lo fi, electronica and whimsy :+1:

Might have to check her out live. Only just noticed from her discography just how long she’s been in the game :open_mouth:

Suspect that it may well become the soundtrack to early summer for me…

It’s excellent! Think it will be in strong contention come album of the year time. She should be getting more props on here.

She used to be in Misty Dixon back in the days when Twisted Nerve were still around in early 00s and I think is married to Andy Votel who ran that label.

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Surprised she didn’t feature more strongly in the May albums of the month thread. Don’t know if not that many folk on her have heard it (I don’t know if it got reviewed on the main site) but it is damn good. Get involved people :+1:

Yeah, plenty to love for any fans of Broadcast, Stereolab, Gwenno etc. :sunglasses:

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I really like the new album, was actually listening to it earlier in fact, and her previous (The Silver Globe). She’s really bloody good and I’m going to see her when she tours later in the year. Really love Slow Motion and The Architect from Modern Kosmology and that one near the end with the guy going on about dust.

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The spoken word bit on the penultimate track is by Malcolm Mooney (singer on Can’s debut album)


I’ve seen a few people saying that the new one is better than ‘Silver Globe’. I’m not sure yet, but I did hammer that album when it came out, not had a chance to with the new one. One her website, there is a free EP download which has a brilliant track called ‘Fallen by Watchbird’. Have a listen, it’s brilliant.

Probably being stupid here, but I can’t find it. Any chance of a link?

Hmm, looks like her website has been updated. Might not be around anymore. it’s all on Spotify etc though.

Ah, fair-dos, I’ll listen there then. Got Modern Kosmology queued up again, along with The Amber Light. Will stick that one on afterwards.

the new one isn’t better than Silver Globe. But it’s good

Modern Kosmology is album of the year for me. I subsequently heard Silver Globe and it’s great too. I suspect which one you like most depends upon the order you heard them in.