New Jeans Fade Thread


Let’s start being real:

  • No fade for me. Solid colour.
  • A very light amount of fading on the thighs/knees.
  • Motherfucking FADE STRIPES, COME AT ME
  • My jeans are already so light a colour they can not be further faded

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Option 5: Literally can’t imagine having an opinion on it


Is this what we look for in a pair of jeans, or is it what happens to our jeans?


the former


False. Because i assume you own jeans. So what do you buy?


Jeans with holes in it

  • very fashionable
  • for cunts
  • ‘all jeans already have holes in for you to put your legs through’ - @marckee

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Ones that fit, I honestly couldn’t tell you the level of fade at time of purchase, somewhere between one and two I’d have thought.


so you can tell me, and did. Thank you x


Yr welcome :kissing_smiling_eyes:


It looks bad.


generally only wear completely black jeans or dark denim

no holes or stripes, cos i’m not a wank obv


i think when jeans have ended up fading a touch after multiple washes it can look okay. but ‘forced’ fade always looks exactly that


Sure, natural fade is fine, although it tends to be a sign you are going to need new jeans.


i’m one of those misers that wears them until they’re starting to get holes i’m afraid. got some new ones that are a dark blue/indigo which i am super pleased with


You guys ever bent over during an important presentation and your jeans have split and you’ve exposed your white boxer shorts with red love hearts all over them?


@xylo how would you approach jeans with holes in given your…position on underpants?


this is exactly why jeans with holes in cannot be a thing i entertain. Well noted.

So to be clear, the second the jeans reach a thinning point that suggest holes, they’re gone


Tell you what aspect of wear and tear that annoys me the most, pocket holes


I’m actually getting angry even considering it


good man.