New job monday thread

Remember I asked for advice about a job application a while back?

First day is today so cheers for your advice.

Good weekend? My highlight was Interpol on Friday


Good luck on the new job.

I have to find a new room today. :neutral_face: Might give me the chance to get a better kitchen.

Nicely done wiggy! What’s the job?

Trying desperately to avoid any Twin Peaks spoilers today before I can get the finale watched this evening :sweat:


have a great first day with your new pals Wiggy!

Got a Netrunner tournament tonight. Not expecting to get much work done in between listening to Eye of the Tiger on loop and giving myself pep talks in the mirror in the disabled loos.


Happy new job day!
Great weekend. Couple of ATDs came to stay, my best man got engaged, and we had an offer accepted on a house. Absolutely would weekend again.


28 I am :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this the Monday thread?

I dropped off my daughter for her first full day at nursery today. Was a very strange moment. Mrs HYG has gone back to work for the first time too. Feeling a bit emotionally delicate today.

Good luck Wiggers, have a good one.

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That is top weekending right there.

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I remember this. It was really tough. But it gets easier!



It’s in fundraising and I can walk to work. Lucky me!


It’s 4pm. Almost done for my first day of work in Singapore. Might go for a run later when it gets dark or I may just chill out somewhere.

My baby toes have transformed into huge blisters. The blister is almost bigger than the toe itself.

I feel like if she was a toddler running round it would be better… but she’s just a baby, she’s just going to be sat there unless they’re playing with her. But I’m sure they will. I guess being so young she’s less likely to get properly upset anyway, she’ll just be happy to have new things to chew.

Awwww, we’re having our boy stay over at the grandparents for first night away from both of us. We were explaining to him

Me: and then mummy will pick you up in the morning after breakfast

Boy: No, No I…

Me: It will be good, it will be fun!

Boy: No, no…don’t pick me up



Finished mixing an album I’ve been work on for a very, very long time :sunglasses:
Wife got home on Saturday after being away for most of the week :heart_eyes:
Finally finished watching season 3 of Fargo :astonished:
Spent Sunday afternoon doing a task for a job interview I have on Friday :persevere:


She’ll get plenty attention don’t worry. Babies have to have a higher carer:baby ratio than the toddlers (can’t remember exactly). She’ll most likely love it there.

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Moved to London yesterday (Lewisham). Currently in bed. Discovered that:

  • My flat has no hot water.
  • We have that fucking Sky Shield shite on our wifi, meaning that half the fucking internet is off limits. This includes basically all streaming sites, porn (obviously), and okcupid (!!!).

Not particularly happy. Also the bathroom is filthy and I’m really not in the mood to clean it. Got no breakfast in so need to go to Asda. fml

Also, got an interview tomorrow and will probably have to rock up to it kinda dirty. Looking forward.

Well … I guess you’ve still got us right?

Good luck with the interview stinky.

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On the baby dropping off theme, I will be dropping my little guy off with his dad later, I think I would feel better about leaving him at a nursery :cold_sweat:

Going to get my anual hair cut after, dreading the awful hairdresser small talk… would it be rude to open by saying “no, this isn’t my day off; I haven’t had a holiday in ten years so don’t bother asking and yes the weather is a bit miserable today”… will probably just sheepishly answer the inane questions and hope they just leave me to be a ball of nerves in silence.