New job monday thread

Welcome to the 'Sham.

(Local tip: No one calls it that).


Go in with a ‘no hablo ingles’.

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3 to 1 I think.

Our two started nursery at 9 months and 12 months so also before they were fully mobile - they both loved it from the get go :+1:


Mornin. V tired from staying up watching the david lynch variety hour. Just having my first coffee of the day. You don’t want to see me before I get my coffee!!!

Or after, tbqfh!!

are they able to send you a picture in a few hours of her giggling chewing on a toy or something, that would be a relief if they could do that


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I think they’re meant to post pics on a website we have access to, I’ll check with Mrs HYG.

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Gordon Cole doing jazz hands was amazing tbf

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A lady at work has this for her kid and it was driving me a little insane.

She’d call them up every hour and say stuff like “you’ve posted a picture of my child not wearing her jumper, can you put her jumper on please?”

or be checking it every 2 mins and then call to say theres no pictures yet

like they’re probs too busy looking after the kids rather than posting on a website?

that’s not a very nice thing to say!

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Morning all. Should be being discharged from hospital today, fingers crossed, I have been sitting on a chair next to my bed for 2 hours now waiting for the doctor to turn up like a dog waiting at the front door for his owner to come home. Genuinely think I’m going a bit mad in here though so I absolutely cannot wait to get out, and I’ve only been here a week!


what’s up man? nothing serious i hope!

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Came in last Monday with abdominal pains - went into surgery 36 hours later by which time my appendix had burst. So I’ve basically just been sitting here sweating and waiting for my body to start fighting all the infection properly so they can let me out.

It fucking stinks in here, although I am aware that unfortunatelty a lot of that smell is me.

Eeesh. Glad you’re relatively ok!


bloody hell!

gws bmr :face_with_thermometer:


oh shit, hope you’re doing alright. that sounds heinous. i went to the doctor recently convinced my insides were about to implode and he said i had mild indigestion and told me to go away :confused:

1 week in hospital is an age. Hope you get home.

Good luck … hmmm I already allocated “stinky” to still_here.

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Oh jeez, I don’t want to be that guy.

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I was a bit embarassed to come down to the hospital to be honest as I was convinced they were going to say it was a bad case of trapped wind or something, and I was especially embarrassed as the wait dragged on and on… but then it turned out to be serious and I’m glad I came. Better safe than sorry!