New Josh T Pearson track


Intrigued to hear this in full, although the buzz seems somewhat muted…

I guess he did the sprawling post-rock thing, then the sprawling acoustic break-up thing, so there’s room for this. I just can’t help but feel like the new songs/image feel simultaneously over, and under, thought through.


He’s fucked it.


Wrote the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard a couple years ago and didn’t even release it


It doesn’t though, does it


You can say that again!


last time I saw him he played some new songs that were not very good


just listened to the new one, I enjoyed it, need another few listens but while its not his best, its great to have new music and something different.


anyone see him at either of the rough trades? I quite enjoyed it. I’m quite baffled by him though. about 50% of it was his stand up routine; it even descended into a Harris’ foam corner-style interlude where he was reading shit jokes he’d written from his phone. he kept interrupting his songs to comment on them as he was going. and his AI obsession, what’s that about?

I really have no idea what level of irony he’s ever operated on, but this new persona is just really peculiar.


OMG I requested it at his show in Notts tonight and he played it what a lad


he played it in london as well

did he have a band or was it just him? can’t decide whether I want to pay £26 for the proper london gig or not


Just him. He’s back with a band next time apparently


This was basically the case when I saw him about 3 years ago, I mean it was overall a decent set but at least 50% of it was banter and him talking about womanizing.


My first thought reading those constraints is… why?


I think he said it was to force himself to release something without the pressure of having spent years working on and perfecting the material.


Fair - but it has been seven years since his last album(!) Find this thing likeable but throwaway and light…


Yeah, he seems to have a pattern of writing material for a new record, playing it live, then abandoning it. Hopefully the fact this one is quite low key will make it easier for him to follow it up, at least.


He’s written his next good album, this was just (near enough) a pisstake as I understand it.


Seems like quite an odd decision but I guess it punctures the worthiness of the last and the expectation, and allows him to follow it more naturally?

Or, whatever he wanted some fun.


yeah this is how I understand it. he wrote it in three days

I actually like it quite a lot even though it is incredibly stupid


didn’t like the first songs I heard from it at all but maybe I’ll give it another go with the intentional daftness in mind. Usually I like silly music