New Kasabian album cover








Heard the new single this morning.

Gotta pay for a new roof now.:disappointed:


You’d be crying too if the roof had been torn from above your head




think it’s pretty trendy and good tbh


Fucking hliarious bit in Monday’s metro about how Tom had to get his “head together” or “stop doing bad stuff” and Serge said “Yeah he was in a bad place”.


oh wait - that’s genuinely it?! Brilliant.


Here’s the artist (Aitor Throup) speaking to art/ creativity website It’s Nice That on the artwork:

“I’m really embracing the basics of default composition, whilst creating my own default design process through doing so. I even wanted to embrace and explore the beauty of default fonts.”


This is just incredible really isn’t it. Imagine going into HMV and buying this.


‘I ran out of time and got my 10 year old to do it in MS Paint’


Wasn’t sure if this was a joke or not so searched for it online, Jesus :joy:


Should have just gone the whole hog and used Comic Sans


I think there’s a picture disc version with those tears on the vinyl.


thought this was a weird shit joke but actually wow


For crying out loud


I refuse to believe it