New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Starts now




I like most of his songs, this should be pretty good


Can I say something incredibly twattish about the cover?

I like how it’s not a solid black background. I like how there’s a bit of grain to it.

I don’t know why that appeals!


Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitbags I’m IN for this at an embarrassing level.


Yes! Absolutely having this.



classic ‘one flow’ k-dot back with more unoriginal ideas no doubt



it’s not trolling mate it’s an in-joke, yeah?


Totally fuckin’ Mexico


only recently been getting into him/much hip-hop in general but I will hop aboard this train


I hear it’s going to be a compilation album of all his best collaborations with stadium pop bands


Miffed that this probably puts an end to any hope of a TPaB tour over here




shit, imagine if this came out like SOON. that’d be fucking… good.


Wary of an album called iv because it sounds like an album trying to be the crucial darling of the discog, but still…hyppppe!


isn’t necessarily called IV tho


this was slated as just IV at one point iirc


I call him K-Dot too


Gonna call it now. It’s not going to be titled IV