New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


new 45 min DAMN. interview with the worst man alive (and zane lowe too!!! haha)


It’s a good interview


lasted about 15 minutes. zane lowe is such a weirdo, couldn’t handle it


Yeah, he’s as excruciatingly sycophantic as he always is but it’s worth putting up with IMO.


In case you missed this on his insta :joy:


Yeah slightly underwhelmed by this. Perfectly decent but cant see it get many plays 2 years from now.


Is me!


Sat on it for a while. It’s a good album with some great ideas, think the production is pretty bland in places and the singing isn’t a welcome addition. The hooks are quite poorly written at times as well. It’s good but I personally don’t think this album would’ve had nearly the critical impact it had if it wasn’t kung fu Kenny spitting over these beats. Also he seems quite whiny on this album, don’t like that either.


I like it so far. I never really warmed to TPAB like so many did, so I find myself much preferring this.


Actually think he’s stepped up his hook game here. Still not his strongest suit, but they were completely non-existent on TPAB.


I prefer it to TPAB but don’t imagine I’ll be listening to it a whole lot of my own volition (heard it three times through in different places today)


That’s my problem with it, and really noticeable when I revisited GKMC. I try to keep my mouth shut when the whole internet started gushing about the beat on Humble, but its things like that that make me think “hip hop isn’t for me anymore”.

Abe Simpson.jpg


I think it’s


couldn’t agree more


Doing a proper back catalogue listen today having not listened to Section 80 or GKMC for a while, fucking hell, he’s actually ridiculously good isn’t he.

Been trying to hunt down all the non-album highlights to chuck in my playlists as well, any tips beyond Cartoon & Cereal, Look Out For Detox, Black Friday, The Jig is Up, all of The Heart parts?


Michael Jordan is the best thing he ever did (if you’re not including O.D. as an ‘album’)


That’s a fucking enormous shout that, I like it well enough, will have to revisit with that claim in mind now though


I mean I am saying it knowing full well it is an opinion that approximately zero other people would agree with, but if you said ‘okay you can only listen to one Kendrick song ever again’ it’s the one I’d choose


Think the initial hook puts me off a bit tbh, Q’s verse is one of his highlights though IMO.


an absolute must