New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Cartoons & Cereal remains the best thing he’s ever put out for me, Clive. Such a shame they couldn’t get sample clearance for that to be on GKMC.

Are you including guest verses in this playlist or just his own stuff? Two of my favourite overlooked guest verses:

Droop-E ft. Kendrick Lamar - Rossi Wine (E-40’s son!)

Ab-Soul ft Kendrick Lamar - Moscato


Guest spots always count pal, cheers :thumbsup:


In that case don’t forget this one, too. Always saw this as kind of a precursor to “Sing About Me”, “u” and maybe now “Fear”… some similarities in the stories told and the “cracked voice” rapping in character.


Must be great to walk into a studio, drop three lines off the top of your head and get a big fat paycheck. His verse lasts 18 seconds



Banger obvs



Jay Rock def my fav outside of kendrick. Love this song


Section 80 production remains outstanding. album is def underrated at this point. Up there w his best.


For some reason only just clocked that the sample at the start of DUCKWORTH. is from the same song sampled on Splash Waterfalls.

Also just properly going through the production credits and noticed Cardo made the beat for GOD. No surprise it’s one of my favourites - guys been putting out banger after banger recently.


has the guitar line in FEAR been used somewhere else? Googling doesn’t show anything but it feels crazy familiar.



other faves

also cmon this is a banger


Yeah, it was in The Heart Part 4


was used on


way back in the day



lol. kinda the same tone as 21 Questions by 50cent too


I really wanted to like Vice City, but in the end I couldnt get with the repeated cadence they use. kendrick sounds ok doing it then jay does his own thing but ab ruins it for me and by verse 4 im completely over it.


my excuse is that now my son is 3 i’ve suddenly had to become really careful about the tunes i have on in the car/house etc. seeing as a basically have music on everywhere i go it’s made listening to hip hop quite tricky.

i’ve only managed to listen to DAMN start to finish maybe 3 or 4 times. It’s fucking amazing though so far. I struggled with the scale/scope of TPAB and I’m probably more into this (and GKMC). King Kenny is just killing it though, can’t believe how consistent and fresh he continues to be. He sounds so athletic on this, his lyricism and vocal dexterity/bars are just killing it. also I think the reason I’m really into Damn is that it feels like Kendrick is driving the production down whichever road he wants to explore, rather than there be a theme/style that runs throughout TPAB. Maybe it makes it more disjointed, but I love that.


i rarely make it past kendrick’s verse tbh. i wish it was an interlude on a k-dot album rather than a black hippy track. i love his verse a lot though

i always forget about this. pretty sure he wasn’t even credited on the tracklist