New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Did you enjoy ‘to pimp a butterfly’?


yeah I thought it was really really awesome, one of the best things I had heard in years!

Full disclaimer: I know very little about rap & hip-hop and am also fully aware that my opinion is irrelevant.


Have done a few more Nation/reverse listens now and the theory holds up big time IMO. The clever bastard.


listen to more!


It’s pretty fuckin’ great eh?

Bugger credentials, if it makes yr head nod you’re onto a winner.


yeah, I just don’t like the production on DAMN as much as anything, sounds a bit boring and flat to me.


Lots of growers on it pal and lots to unpack lyrically that force the beats to work their magic as you’re unpacking it.


Nah it’s fair enough mate! Let’s be fair tpab was a massively colourful sound, who doesn’t like a weirdo rap free jazz opus?


yeah, I’m often not in the mood for anything too intense sounding these days, maybe I’ll have to put it on as a running playlist or something


Listened to this about 15 times in the last couple of days:


I don’t either. And i’ve listened to rap music for 30 years


Yeah this isn’t my favorite, but it’s good. Kinda sucks some of it is being used for the NBA playoffs intro videos and for highlights and such cos it’s already made me tired of it.


I’d say it’s my least favourite of the four proper LPs atm but the still pretty great and it’s an album I think will age well


I’d say the same which speaks way more about the calibre of his output in general than it does about Damn as it’s still by far and away the best thing I’ve heard this year and would probably be second only to Noname from last year as well tbh.


Every time there’s new posts in here I get excited that it’s tour dates :frowning:


What about this time? As far as I know, there are no tour dates.


Very cruel

(Still no tour)


:rotating_light: Still no tour alarm :rotating_light:




Finally confirmed this