New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Dislike the thinking behind this decision.

Why didn’t you just sequence the album that way to begin with if it sounds better.


Mildly annoying if you bought the album on vinyl


Yeah…feels a bit gimmicky to me. He’s selling it on the premise of there being more depth to his sound? I’m pretty happy with the contrast in message that Kendrick sends out already…this sort of thing just cheapens it, really.


Guys, it’s still the same album forwards.



so wait, does backwards mean reversed track listing or literally entirely backwards?

edit: this was not meant to be a reply to scot_c


Reversed tracklisting. While there is some backmasked bits on the album (likely a nod to playing the thing in “reverse”) I doubt you’ll get anything from playing it backwards.


this whole thing is fake news then

might try playing it backwards just in case


There’s a UK tour (including a Scottish date) on the way.






Not into him anymore after he CHEATED his fans with his BACKWARDS album


That reveal did make me cringe so hard that I got a Hernia.


About fucking time!


Surely it must be The Hydro, hopefully its not silly money.



gonna be like 70 bones minimum isn’t it. still not convinced his live setup is really worth the bother


only heard great things tbf


not from this tour, granted. Coachella was cool too, but that’s probably a lot higher budget than the average gig


Saw him last year in Ireland. Full band, fucking brilliant.