New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


Any standing?


Is there standing?


Yup - No idea what the prices mean though. Can’t tell if there’s a ‘golden circle’ type thing or not.





Anyone familiar with o2 priority? Does the person on o2 have to use their card? I gather o2 have some strict “booker must be present” rule these days that screwed a lot of people over recently at the Foo Fighters?


It’s becoming standard for ‘Booker must be present’ tickets. I had to show ID for Lorde t’other day and that was at The Brighton Centre


Been a while since I used it, but I think it just takes you through to a Ticketmaster booking page. I’m sure you could use an o2 account to get you that far, then provide alternative details to Ticketmaster.


Ooh the Manchester ones on a Saturday night


Considering going to Amsterdam. Off-chance that anyone knows what site will be selling those?




Tempted to do both London nights…


alrght, moneybags!


*Money Trees ft Jay Rock


Do you reckon Dice will be doing tickets? Hope so.


They don’t usually sell tickets for shows at the O2.

Definitely going to try and get a ticket for one of the London dates.



Thanks!! Got a few mates on board and going ahead with this plan! :smiley:

Presale link in return, in case you were also interested


how much are amsterdam tickets>


€dunno. Whatever the UK ones cost minus Brexit tax