New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


at least the ticket price in NL includes you being able to get high for free


I knew it was legal, but I didn’t know they were giving it away for free now. The Netherlands really are miles ahead in that regards


I am already terrified of missing out on this


Saw him last year and if the crowd is going to be anything like it was I’m happy staying at home. I can’t hack big crowds at Irish gigs anymore.


the crowds for these are gonna be awful wherever you go i think


Saw him in Portugal in 2014 and the crowds were fine. I think it’s a very specific breed of gig going arsehole that I’ve only encountered at Irish gigs that I’m worried about.


Primavera Sound festival isn’t really a representative audience for a Kendrick Lamar gig


There were large amounts of people who were definitely only there the night he was playing, though. It was his only date in Portugal IIRC


Anyone going for a Damn Hot Ticket Gold Package or a Damn Early Entry Package or a Loyalty Ultimate Meet & Greet Package then…


they sound expensive


I’m guessing we’re looking at £75 for a normal ticket so fuck knows how much these bells and whistles ones will be




250 to get your photo taken w̶i̶t̶h̶ near Kendrick


's mic



London prices


This waiting room business is a proper scam isn’t it


was looking for Manchester tickets because the gf wants to go. £140 for 2 seating tickets, near the back… nah, you’re alright m7


Ahm oot


This pre-sale system is bullshit