New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


i like the way that pre-sale now means ‘anyone who can be bothered to sign in’


“Please be patient”


Just got some shitty miles back seats that I “changed” and it booted me out to start again, nonsense


Can’t get a sniff of tickets for Manchester.


Standing and golden circle all gone. What a load of shite.


Got a floor standing for the Tuesday, keep checking it


I’m out.

£80 standing. £70 seating, £56 for seats at the side (almost behind the stage). All of that before fees and postage too.

Greed, pure greed.


It’s the “going rate” for a big show these days innit, Kendrick is one of about 3 artists that I’d pay that amount of money for, it’s absolute bollocks though obvs.


Yeah yeah, I know. Just pissed off when it’s me that has to pay it haha.

Saying that, gigs at the Hydro - Nick Cave was £45 and a couple of my mates like The 1975, they saw them there for £27. I know you can argue that Kendrick is a bigger star but that’s quite a jump for an arena show.


Got one, £80 when you include fees. What a mug.


If anyone sees an Amsterdam presale go live, hit me up


Got standing for Manchester. Kenny is the only artist I’d let rinse me to this tune (actually, Beyonce as well, but only if she did arenas instead of bullshit stadiums).


Got a London ticket, seated unfortunately as standing was gone. Silly expensive but it’s Kendrick so meh whatever.


Think the price is fair in that he deserves to be equalling what other big names can command, but it’s above what I’m willing to pay for a single gig. Going to keep my fingers crossed that he pops up at one of the numerous great hip-hop festivals there are in europe which will feel like money better spent


I would say it’s quite high for an arena show - it’s basically the same price you’d pay to go to Wireless and see 20 other artists with him. Whatever though, doesn’t matter, I’m sure it’ll sell out and add more dates.


Vice have told you to stop complaining about the price.

I’d like to go but I am not paying that much for 3 hours ish worth of music. He was fantastic at Primavera in 2014 his live band are probably the best live band that I have seen for a rap performance.


I mean yes. sometimes things cost a lot and are justified… but that doesn’t mean the consumer HAS to think it’s worth it. Silly article really.


It’s a stupid article.

Forgot the original that the vice one is commenting on:


That was exactly what I felt about his Porto show that year.


Urgh that writer