New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


alright, mystic meg


raises too many questions about which of his four previous albums he’s referring to as his three previous albums


really? nah, section 80, maad kid, tpab.


Did find it odd people were assuming that was the artwork, and title. It’s just a teaser, surely?



Erm, wow. Out april 7th then?


pretty cool way of announcing it


Bet it’s to announce a new trainer collaboration with addidas or something.


Just listened - fuck he’s so good at this. That first breakdown put a massive smile on my face. Surely he can’t be dropping on the 7th?!

I guess it’s not like he went on tour after TPAB. Must have been upto something…


This is mouth watering.


This is already up on todal. Lossless (drool)


Tidal :frog:


Spotify too.


I’m hoping that office supervisors everywhere today are giving Janet from accounts “until April 7th to get your shit together” for all those lapsed reports that are due on their desks


Laughed out loud at ‘ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE’ and referring to Big Sean as ‘Lil Shit’


the production on that new track is fucking abysmal. flat and monotonous, like someone slung their mate’s iPhone freestyle over an ableton sample pack beat. zoned out twice listening to it, the monotony was suffocating. pretty disappointed. then those garbage sounding 808s kicked in at the end and i genuinely wondered if you lot are in cahoots with kendrick lamar to punk the boards.

hopefully the actual album doesn’t sound like this cookie cutter shit.


mate it’s a freestyle to get people hyped for the album


even more reason to worry imo tbh.


How does that make any sense? He hasn’t wasted a great beat/bothered mastering a non-album track that only serves to announce the release date of something? Time to panic!

If Kendrick’s record is anything to go by, this will intentionally sound nothing like what’s on the album either.