New Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread


He’s consistently been the worst thing about Vice for around 5 years now. Impressive.


First noticed him some really bad student paper opinion pieces a while ago, seems crazy he’s got a senior position. Like Ryan Schreiber making it after doing that “I floated on the River Nile, smokin’ some fresh weed, relaxin’.” John Coltrane review.

Particular bugbear is the chutzpah of a LME Vice writer seemingly getting the entire point only to skim past it with barely a thought. Several hundred redundant words either side of this quote:

Kendrick Lamar was placing the opportunity to see him live firmly in the hands of the middle classes, which is a fair point. However…


I am far more annoyed about that article than I should be. Spent most of the afternoon staring at it wondering if it was some sort of parody.


He’s doing a Wembley date on Feb 20th as well now



I’m not really familiar with him, but I really hate that patronising, contrary, tone he (and 100s of other writers) have at the moment.

“Guys?! What were just expecting?! I’ve been going to rap gigs since I moved to London five years ago, and that’d just the way it is!”


“Should seeing Kendrick Lamar cost less than a pair of Air Max?”



He clearly doesn’t even know how much a pair of Air Max is…


Everybody knows that Nike Cortez are the ones you want


I’d love to ask the writer what realisation about ticket pricing was supposed to dawn on the reader after reading that little ripper of a rhetorical question, I wonder if even he knows. Must be great to have a job where you just spout whatever jumbled thoughts you have about current happenings, but frame them as though they’re worth paying attention to.


He wrote something else about the moral implications of Kendrick Lamar branded Reeboks, which I wanted to pick apart and look for contradictions in, but I couldn’t be arsed to read it all.



not on apple music book m9, but from the clip it sounds like what i was worried the track on kendrick’s album would sound like


just endured the song - godawful crap. Funny if U2 sent him this whole thing and he lifted one vocal line and binned the rest



Do you reckon he planned on releasing another ‘version’ with the tracklist reversed as a low-key thing a week after DAMN. came out and then everyone went nuts speculating that he might have another album dropping straight afterwards, so he thought he might sit on the idea for a while instead?

Like, if he’d done this at peak “OMG ANOTHER KENDRICK ALBUM IS GONNA DROP ANY MINUTE NOW” then there’d have probably have been a backlash at how underwhelming the results of those hints were, but now it’s almost a year later it’s like
"hey guys, um, all I meant was you can play the album in reverse and it still sounds good. surprise!"


I just want this to… stop

this whole concept has put me off of Kendrick a bit because its buying into the hyperbolic internet worship he has. He made arguably 2 of the greatest hip hop albums of all time but this whole ‘high art’ thing people have been peddling since Butterfly was ignorable enough before this whole reverse track order stuff happened.

Am I the only one who is being put off by this? I know it’s petty by my eyes keep on rolling into the back of my head.


Post can’t be empty.


You know what I mean. The ones that think everything Kendrick does has some kind of higher meaning or concept to it. The kind that’s declares the sound of his shit impacting with water the greatest abstract hip hop record


I listened to the reverse tracklisting, doesnt work all that well imo. Means the album is frontloaded with quite ploddy, ponderous stuff and takes forever to get to any bangers.


See, I think the opposite. The album builds rather than runs out of steam.

Either way it’s his weakest album but still has it’s moments